Jan. 28, 2002

by Bob Lape

There's much to like about the Lawrence Scott restaurant, a new American bistro on First Avenue in the low Seventies.

Owner/ chef Lawrence Scott scores the hospitality trick, creating a warm, romantic setting for the gracious service of delicious food. His winter menu holds dishes such as fall-off-the-bone braised lamb shank over herbed fettuccine, and grilled Ahi tuna, sesame-crusted, with wasabi mashed potatoes. He makes satisfying soups, too --- gumbo, perhaps, with crabmeat and grilled shrimp.

The noted pastry-meister Wayne Harley Brachman designs Scott's desserts. Chocolate ice cream sandwiches, or beignets, fresh and hot, with Valhrona chocolate sauce for dipping. Add soft jazz by Skip Weinstein and Lawrence Scott Restaurant. 1363 First Ave. between 73 and 74, is irresistable.